2016 ALTA survey minimum standards go into effect Februrary 23rd


ALTA Logo smallBy: Bruce Small, RLS, of Bruce Small Surveys, Inc.

Bruce Small of Bruce Small Surveys, Inc in Tucson is reporting the new 2016 ALTA survey standards will take effect on February 23, 2016. All previous versions of the standards will then be void. The new standards can be downloaded here Alta survey standards 2016.

The following is a summary of the changes from the 2011 standards.

  • The new caption is ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.
  • There is a slight style change, as field work is now fieldwork (one word).
  • If there are no buildings on the site, the standard notation is now “No buildings observed.”
  • Optional Table A item 6 is changed so the client, not the insurer, will provide a zoning report or letter. Minimum building setbacks specified in the report may be plotted if they do not require an interpretation by the surveyor.
  • Optional Table A item 8 now includes observed substantial areas of refuse.
  • Former optional Table A item 11(a), utilities observed on the site, is now part of the minimum standards, not an optional item.
  • Optional Table A item 11 now covers utility maps provided by the utility companies and any BlueStaking on the site.
  • Optional Table A item 13 now includes all adjoining sites, not just platted land.
  • Optional Table A item 16 now refers to recent site work vs the previous current site work.
  • Former optional Table A item 18, observed evidence of site use as a solid waste dump, sump, or sanitary landfill is eliminated (see item 8 above).
  • New optional Table A item 18 is a clarification of previous item 19. The intent is for the surveyor to locate any stakes or markers set by a qualified wetland specialist (highly unlikely in Tucson).
  • New optional Table A item 19 is a revision of previous item 20, eliminating any reference to the surveyor monumenting the offsite easements.
  • New optional Table A item 20 is a clarification of previous item 21, professional liability insurance. That requirement may be part of the contract, but this item may not be shown on the survey drawing.

Bruce Small can be reached for more information, e-mail: bruce.small@cox.net or call 520.444.7186. To read more on the American Land Title Association go to https://www.nsps.us.com