Commercial Real Estate tax expert, Jamie Pope discusses eligibility for Employee Retention Credits tax refunds


Phoenix, Arizona – Jamie Pope brings thirty years of experience working with high-net-worth individuals and advisors in specialty tax services and business development. America’s commercial tax expert is nationally recognized for helping bring the value of education to help save millions of dollars in specialty tax service for his commercial real estate clients.

Pope stated, “Cares Act 2.0 made the Employee Retention Credit more robust for eligible recipients. As part of the changes significantly more business may qualify, but the expanded requirements are more complex to determine and create the need for qualified advice from credit experts.” His specialty expertise is in tax incentives, tax credits, and real estate solutions for his clients across the country. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Pope is well known for his CPE and CE Credit presentations by working with title companies across the U.S. He works in a variety of different capacities including some previous involvement by meeting with Congress, staffers, and lobbyists to address energy-related credits and deductions. The Energy Policy Act 179D calculates the tax deduction achieved from the installation of energy-efficient assets, including HVAC, building envelope, and lighting.

As many Americans go out to eat at restaurants or shop at local brick and mortar stores, you will see a big change in the way newer buildings and spaces are using LED lighting throughout the space. This will have a huge effect on the tax credit and incentives for small business owners. Pope works with many commercial real estate professionals to help educate everyone on these types of savings potential for their clients. JPope Tax Consultancy specializes in energy credits, policies, cost segregation, construction planning and more.

Jamie Pope will be offering free education webinars throughout the year to educate more professionals on how to bring more value to their clients. His upcoming event is scheduled February 9th, 2021 to discuss learning how clients, even those who have received PPR dollars, could now be eligible for Employee Retention Credits (ERC) tax refunds under the CARES ACT due to the expanded eligibility rules. Though this is a time-sensitive issue, it will be a huge benefit for all commercial real estate professionals. To register, go to the MyCPE live webinars.

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