Humane Society of Southern Arizona Takes In Dogs Impacted By Texas Flooding


TUCSON, AZ – A local Tucson group of Good Samaritans left for Texas last week with a horse trailer full of animal supplies to help assist shelters in need in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvery News Crew Media from REDailyNews on Vimeo.

HSSA Chief Operations Officer, Brandy Burke,  encouraged the team to get in touch with the larger groups working in the Texas area (HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, etc.), to make sure they didn’t accidentally take dogs that may just be temporarily separated from their families. What the team found, when they arrived at the surrounding areas, was that most of the smaller Humane Society groups were inundated with existing pets, and no one was helping them. The team’s leader, Megan Rombalski, contacted a local animal hospital in Greenville, Texas, asking if they could help her team rescue a few dogs from some of the groups most in need.

Megan called around 10am on Friday morning, saying she had a trailer full of dogs and they were an hour outside of Tucson. She asked if HSSA could take some of them in, and of course the answer was yes!

Close to a dozen Texas dogs now call HSSA their temporary safety net, until they find new families here in Southern Arizona.