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Real Estate Comp Link User’s Manual

A WordPress shortcode which can be used to easily place link(s)
on a WP source page with a destination of either the comp database Search Page or of a particular Comp Report.
The shortcode is named REDC for the Real Estate Daily Comps web site, and it can be inserted into the WP page source in a few different formats, for example:

Shortcode Syntax User Sees This Link Result When Left Clicked
[REDC] Search Comps Display the Comps Search Page [REDC]
[REDC id=1135] Display Comp 1135 Display the Report for Comp 1135 [REDC id=1135 text=”Click Here”]
[REDC text=”Click Here”] Click Here Display the Comps Search Page [REDC text=”Click Here”]
[REDC id=1856 text=”Left-click Here”] Left-click Here Display the Report for Comp 1856 [REDC id=1856 text=”Left-click Here”]
[REDC url=”https://www.jthweb.com/REDC” id=1856 text=”Left-click URL”] Left-click URL Display the Report for Comp 1856 with URL [REDC url=”https://www.jthweb.com/REDC” id=1856 text=”Left-click URL”]

So, in your WP page source, and within the square brackets that indicate it is a WP shortcode, you put REDC followed by some combination of two optional parameters:

    text=”some text here for the reader to left click”



The parameters are separated from the REDC, and from each other, by a space.
The text parameter contains the text that you provide for the user to click. It may contain html tags, such as for underline, bold, or font size (to mention just 3 examples). If you do not include the text parameter, then it will default in one of two ways. If the id parameter is present, then the default text will be “Display Comp 98765” where the 98765 is the value specified for the id parameter. If no id value is present, then the text parameter defaults to “Search Comps”.
The id parameter is the ID number of some particular Comp. If the id is specified, then clicking on the text will take the user directly to the Comp Report for that id value. The id value is not checked for validity within WP, except to see that it contains only characters from 0 to 9 inclusive. If an invalid id value is specified, then the id parameter is considered to not have been specified in the REDC shortcode. If the specified id value does not match any existing comp, then the REDailyComps search web site will display a web page with an “Invalid parameter specified” error, assuming that user authentication was successful.
REDC obtains information from the WP environment and the logon data of the user. If the Comps Search web site authentication of the user is not successful, then the user will be given an “internal error” web page.