Old Pima County Courthouse

Voters say ‘There is sense of trust that must be met’

Pima County, Az – On Tuesday, July 3, 2018 Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller rejected a risky proposal put forth by the County Administrator to delay road repairs, once again, in the hope that voters will approve a massive bond package.  As with the agenda item proposed today, Supervisor Miller believes that County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry continues to seek passage of bond measures rather than promote prudent fiscal practices.

The vote  follows a failed attempt to pass a half-cent sales tax which both Christy and Miller opposed after finding out there was a portion to be used for other projects. That tax would have raised $800 million over 10 years but not solely to fix ailing roads.

The bond package will raise about half of what’s needed to fix the 70% of county roads which are in poor or failing condition but it’s thought it will have a better chance of passing.

Supervisor Miller was the lone “NO” vote on the agenda item which calls on voters to pass a $430 million bond to finally do road repairs that the County has failed to do over the years.  Her fellow supervisors ignored the voters’ demands that the County live within its means.

Pima County District 4 resident, John Backer, appeared with others before the supervisors Tuesday to speak in opposition to the bond scheme.  “There is one common thread to the terrible road conditions in Pima County; we need to look no further than the board majority and the County Administrator who have overseen the downfall of the roads in Pima County,” said Backer, during the Call to the Public.  “The road conditions are not a revenue problem; it is a spending problem.  It is a problem of setting proper priorities.  If the HURF and VLT funds were used to maintain roads as intended, our roads would be in much better condition.  The County Administrator frequently refers to the State clawing back HURF and VLT funds for other purposes, while doing the exact same thing within Pima County.”

Supervisor Miller stated, “I don’t know why the voters of this community would approve a bond and trust this Board with more money.  Voters said ‘no’ to the courthouse.  Voters said ‘no’ to additional soccer fields in the 2015 bond election, as well.  Yet, this Board approved moving forward with both projects.  Today there were items on the agenda that required spending of close to $6 million for courthouse projects and they were approved 4-1.  Supervisor Christy (District 4) approved these expenditures.  Supervisor Christy then went on to state this decision on bonds should be in the voters’ hands only.  It appears Supervisor Christy is selective as to when he is willing to listen to the voters.  My conscience does not afford me that luxury.  I heard the voters loud and clear.  They want the non-essential spending to stop.  They want their roads fixed.”

Residents are encouraged to visit Miller’s website at:  www.allymillerdistrict1.com to study her Alternate Budget Proposal.  Through budget reallocation, Supervisor Miller was able to identify over $31 million in the FY 2018-19 budget that could legally be used to fund critical road repairs.

Supervisor Ally Miller, elected in November of 2012, is currently serving her second term as a member of the Pima County Board of Supervisors representing District 1.  Supervisor Miller holds a B.S. in Business Administration/Finance from The University of Arizona, and her Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Arizona Eller School of Management.  Miller has been a resident of Pima County for more than 30 years.