Pima Partnership Performing HS Going in at 25 E Drachman Street in Tucson

Rendering new Pima Partnershiup Performing HS, 25 E Drachman St, Tucson
Rendering of new Pima Partnershiup Performing HS, 25 E Drachman St, Tucson (courtesy photo)

Cope Properties, LLC purchased the charter school property at 25 E Drachman Steet in Tucson for $1.3 million ($44 PSF). The property is being renovated and will be leased to its wholly owned subsidiary, Pima Prevention Partnership, Inc. (PPP) for a new charter school, Pima Partnership Performing High School. PPP is a nationally recognized, non-profit technical and a direct service provider that operates three publicly-funded charter high schools for hard-to-reach and hard-to-teach students, three based in Pima and one in Maricopa County.

Claire Scheuren, Deputy Director, told us the new school change the whole neighborhood and be an expansion to the agency’s two existing schools across the street at 1346 N Stone Avenue, where Pima Partnership High School and Pima Preventive Partnership Academy are located. The new school is to be called Pima Partnership Performing High School for grades 9-12, a performing arts and comprehensive technology school – without textbooks.

Renovations on the property began May 28th with first day of school scheduled for August 4th. There are already 100 students registered for this fall with a maximum capacity of 300 students.

PPP operates statewide and nationally providing a comprehensive array of clinical and technical services to meet the needs of youths and families throughout Arizona, the U.S., and the U.S. territories and jurisdictions.  The agency’s central goal is to help foster conditions for positive change by providing a range of services to individuals, community groups, agencies, and institutions.  Established in 1991 as one of the Nation’s 250 anti-drug coalitions, the PPP has raised public health funds for its own program services and other agencies and institutions in excess of $221 million. The PPP has grown to become a $10.8 million, full service substance abuse and delinquency prevention provider throughout Arizona, as well as a nationally-recognized technical service provider for communities and governments.  It assists government agencies with building capacity through system-level planning, grant writing, program development, evaluation, training, and public policy development.  Its programs directly reach more than 11,147 youth and families in Pima and Maricopa Counties in Arizona and an additional 13,712 through presentations and in-person outreach.

PPP’s 158 staff members provide services including:

Evidence-based Clinical Treatment Services

  • Youth Outpatient Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders Assessment and Treatment Services
  • Youth Peer Recovery Support Community
  • Teen Pregnancy/STI/HIV Prevention and Intervention Services
  • Trauma-focused Treatment Services (SITCAP)
  • Accredited by the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children as a Trauma-focused treatment site for adolescents
  • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

 Evidence-based Youth and Family Services

  • Family Strengthening Services
  • Relationship Skills Education
  • Parenting Education
  • School-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • AmeriCorps Programming
  • Statewide Mentoring for Children of Prisoners and Children from Military Families.
  • Pima County Teen Court

 Academic Services for Hard-to-Reach and Hard-to-Teach Youths

  • Advanced Ed Accredited Pima Partnership High School, Tucson, grades 9-12
  • Advanced Ed Accredited Pima Partnership Academy, Tucson,  grades 6-8
  • Arizona Collegiate High School, Phoenix, grades 9-12

Program Development Services

  • Grant Development for State, National and International  Non-profits and Institutions
  • Pacific Region Public Health Infrastructure Development
  • Research and Evaluation Services for Governmental Institutions and Non-profits
  • Public Policy Analysis and Development
  • Training in Coalition Development and Strategic Planning

To learn mor about school enrollment see PPP HS and PPP HS 2.

Buzz Isaacson of CBRE in Tucson represented the seller, Beacon Group, Inc. an Arizona non-profit corporation and Jason Hisey with Ray Schneider Company in Tucson represented the buyer, Cope Properties.

For additional information, Isaacson should be reached at 520.323.5157 and Hisey can be contacted at 520.331.3533.

To learn more, see RED Comp #3932.