Ina Road bridge work results in change to effluent discharge

Ina Road bridge work results in change to effluent discharge

MARANA, Arizona — The Ina Road construction project led by the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Town of Marana has resulted in the diversion of effluent flowing in the Santa Cruz River.

The flow diversion, which was necessary for the construction of a bridge over the Santa Cruz at Ina Road, has moved the flow from the west bank of the river to the east bank, resulting in the death of some fish. The fish were caught in pools as the water in that part of the channel lowered. While the death of the fish is unfortunate and may be upsetting to visitors to the river and users of The Loop, there is no practical way to remove these non-native fish when channel flows must be changed for work in and along the river.

The numerous fish and amphibians, which were not as severely affected by the channel change, is a recent development in the river and a result of the County’s improvement to the two wastewater plants along the Santa Cruz at Roger and Ina roads. Before 2013, effluent discharge in the river was too cloudy and too laden with nitrogen and ammonia to support much aquatic life. Since then, the much cleaner discharges have had a remarkable effect on the river and its ability to support life. County biologists estimate the number of fish harmed by the channel flow change is a small percentage of the fish in the river, based on annual surveys conducted by the County and the Sonoran Institute

The Ina Road project, which began in January 2017, involves construction a new interstate and railroad overpass, plus improvements to Ina Road west of I-10, including a new, bigger bridge over the river. It is projected to be completed at the end of 2018. It has necessitated closure of The Loop shared-use river path south of Ina Road at Ted Walker Road and north of Ina Road at the Crossroads at Silverbell District Park.

Once the bridge project is completed, there will be Loop trail underpasses on each side of the Santa Cruz River, new access ramps to Ina Road and new bike lanes and sidewalks along Ina Road.

Marana and HSSA Negotiate Animal Sheltering Services

TUCSON, Arizona – On Tuesday, March 14, the Marana Town Council voted 5-2 to proceed with negotiations with The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) to provide animal sheltering services.


Town Manager Gilbert Davidson says “The Humane Society shares the regional view of providing for the compassionate care and treatment of animals. The Town of Marana is looking forward to exploring how we can partner with them to provide the best possible service for our residents.”

“We are very proud to be considered by the Town of Marana to assist them in their efforts to have the best proactive animal care for their animals. HSSA transfers in around 1,600 animals every year from local communities, we take in another 1,200 or so strays from Pima County, and we take in 3,400 animals whose owners can no longer care for them. No matter how they enter our shelter, every animal we take in receives the best possible care,” says Brandy Burke, Chief Operations Officer.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona expects to take in around 600 animals a year from Marana.

 “The services we’ll be providing to Marana will be absolutely in line with our mission and our No Kill philosophy. We practice the 11 tenets of the No Kill movement, which means we never euthanize an animal for space or time. We are 100% committed to every animal entering our care. We are honored that the Town of Marana would entrust us with this responsibility,”  says Christian Gonzalez, Director of Operations.

Currently the Town uses the services of the Pima County Animal Care Center (PACC) which contract  expires July 1. The new agreement with the Humane Society will need to be in place by that time and is expected to cost the town $212,000 per year according to estimates by town officials. Marana would then hire two animal control officers to pick up strays and deliver them to the Humane Society. Town officials were not available Wednesday to discuss any cost savings or changes to service the move would bring.

Ina Road Car Wash & Quick Lube Sells in Marana for $1.8 Million

4300 W Ina Road, Marana, AZ

TUCSON, AZ – Wash Management Holdings, LLC of Scottsdale purchased Classic Car Wash and Quick Lube (Earl Sherron, member) at 4300 W Ina Road in Marana for $1.8 million ($141 PSF). Buyer also owns Car Wash Camelback in Phoenix.

The 12,780-square-feet of improvements include a convenience store & 3-bay oil change with full-service hand car wash with touch free tunnel.

The buyer purchased the business established in 2002 along with the real estate on a 1.47-acre parcel.

Located on the north side of Ina Road, west of Old Father Road in Marana, the property is near Chevron, Shell, InTown Suites Extended Stay Living, Auto Glass Shop, Goodyear Auto Service Center, Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care, Jiffy Lube and various other auto parts and services businesses.

The construction near Ina Road and I-10 is taking a toll on businesses as construction continues to cause delays and detours. The Ina Road interchange will be closed for about two years as crews work to build an overpass to eventually lift Ina Road above the railroad tracks and the freeway. The community is asked to remember these businesses during this time.

In an effort to help businesses in the area, the Town of Marana has kicked off the Ina Corridor Business Support Program to provide businesses with outreach opportunities so they can stay afloat during tough times.

Jeff Pavone and Alexander Pavone with Commercial Plus in Scottsdale, Arizona handled the transaction for buyer and seller.

For more information, Jeff and Alexander Pavone can be reached at 480.391.8800.

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