Leveraging a Real Estate Professional’s Resources and Market Insight


By: Susanne Grogan with Grogan & Grogan Tucson Luxury Real Estate

Whether you’re ready to list a property for sale or you are thinking about purchasing a new commercial property in Tucson, it is often wise to work with a local Real Estate Professional who has garnered ample amounts of local expertise and market insight in order to facilitate a successful real estate transaction.

The same is true if you’re moving your business to a new location as a local real estate professional will be able to cover the knowledge gap of moving to an entirely new location and provide you with the necessary information you need to facilitate a successful relocation. With an experienced real estate professional by your side, it’s in your best interest to leverage their expertise, resources, and market insight if you want your real estate transaction to be as successful as possible.

The market insight that an experienced real estate professional will have will allow you to learn more about the current trends in your local market, which may help you understand if it’s the right time to buy or sell a property. Understanding current market conditions should also help you list your property at the right price if you’re thinking about selling.

The resources that a reputable real estate professional can provide you with should allow you to find your desired property in next to no time. Overall, a real estate professional will be able to save you time, money, and headaches, the latter of which are practically inevitable if you attempt to navigate the home buying or selling process on your own. A professional and experienced real estate professional will make your life easier so that you can focus instead on what matters, which could be anything from furthering your business efforts to having more quality time to spend with your family. Before you hire a real estate professional, you should first know more about what it takes to leverage your real estate professional’s expertise, resources, and market insight.

Utilizing a Real Estate Professional’s Experience

The top Tucson real estate professionals have years of experience under their belt, which means that they’ve likely seen it all. Whether you’re buying or selling a home or business, there are numerous factors that go into the real estate process, all of which are easy to make mistakes with. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily overspend on the property, select a risky loan, or not shop around enough resulting in a poor financial situation. Whether you’re selling a Tucson luxury home or a building that your business is moving out of, you can easily make the mistake of listing at the wrong price when you don’t have a real estate professional assisting you, which could cause the property to stay on the market for a long time before being sold.

If you want to be able to navigate through any real estate process in an efficient manner, you’ll want to hire an experienced real estate professional. They can leverage their experience to help you accomplish all of your real estate goals. They can also get you the best price for your property and may even provide you with suggestions on some small things you can do to improve the value of the property before it’s listed on the market.

Understanding the Buying & Selling Process

When you hire a reputable real estate professional, they will be able to help you understand both the buying and selling processes, which are typically lengthy and difficult to comprehend if you’ve never purchased or sold a property before. If you’re buying a property, the real estate professional that you hire will assist you in choosing the best financing option and help you find the property that matches your exact specifications. The knowledge that they have of the local real estate market should allow them to quickly locate a property in your price range that comes with all of the features and amenities you’re looking for.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, a real estate professional will also assist you with all of the paperwork that you’re required to fill out ensuring that your bases are covered. Once you’ve made an offer on a property or another party has made an offer to you, a real estate professional will guide you through not only the negotiations and specifics of the transaction — but also the often time-consuming closing process, which is when the inspection and appraisal of the property are conducted prior to closing a deal.

Exploring Local Market Trends & Insight

Likely the most beneficial aspect of hiring a real estate professional is that they have access to market resources that give them insight into the real estate industry. Their complex understanding of the local real estate market can be invaluable when you’re trying to determine if now is a good time to buy or sell a property. Much of the data that they have access to includes average price per square foot in the local area, median sale prices, and average days on the market, all of which can be beneficial to know before you fully delve into the buying or selling process in order to ensure you’re getting the best price for your property.

Professional Real Estate Negotiation Experience

In any real estate transaction, you’ll find that the negotiations that occur between the buyer and seller can play a significant role in whether the deal is successful. real estate professionals are professional negotiators in real estate transactions that will be able to help guide you to a favorable outcome.

If you’re selling a property, the real estate professional that you hire may be able to negotiate a higher sale price or better conditions for the sale. If you’re buying a property, a real estate professional can negotiate to have some outstanding issues fixed or repaired before the property is closed on. They may also be able to negotiate a lower purchase price for you. A successful negotiation can limit the inherent risks of a real estate transaction while augmenting the rewards of your real estate endeavors.

Accessing a Professional Network

A reputable and experienced real estate professional will oftentimes have an expansive local professional network to which you as the client can tap into. Many of these professionals within the real estate professional’s network will be able to provide you with services that are needed when you’re buying or selling a property and you will have the comfort knowing that you are dealing with a reputable firm — increasing the chances of a smooth and successful deal.

If you want to enhance the interior design of a property before it’s sold, a real estate professional can recommend an interior designer to you and leverage their experience to point you in the right direction for your property. The real estate professional that you choose can tap into this network to provide you with reputable service professionals in the area or to even provide you with business professionals that may be able to help you accomplish your business goals beyond the real estate transaction.


Having an experienced real estate professional assist you when you’re listing your home or searching for new office space is absolutely essential due to the intrinsic value that they provide throughout every facet of the buying or selling process. Their experience in real estate transactions along with their extensive knowledge of the local market conditions means that you’ll be moving forward with someone who has been through it many times before and has likely seen it all!

Susanne Grogan is with Grogan & Grogan Tucson Luxury Real Estate, a Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty Company, an international realty brand that provides extensive real estate services to affluent customers who are searching for the best luxury properties that money can buy.  Susanne is consistently ranked among the top 1% of all real estate agents in Tucson, Susanne Grogan is considered one of Tucson’s most savvy, yet accommodating, agents.

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