RL Brown Housing Reports Is Taking Over Bright Futures Tucson


TUCSON, Arizona — Subscribers to Bright Futures lots and building permit data service in Tucson were informed this week that RL Brown Housing will be taking over the subscription service going forward.  The letter follows:

Dear Bright Future Market Information User:
First, let me welcome you to RLBrownReports/Home Builders Marketing, Inc.

Secondly, let me congratulate Ginger on her new opportunity.  RL Brown and I have worked with Ginger and with John Strobeck for a couple of decades and have enjoyed both our business relationship and a personal friendship.

By joining our RLBrownReports client family, we promise you that we will do our best to continue to provide the high quality of information, analysis, and service that you have enjoyed over the years from Ginger and John.

We welcome your business and your emails and calls with questions, comments, or concerns.  Our contact information is below, and we also answer our own phones and respond to every email as well as to messages on Linked In.

Many of you know RL, as he has been involved in the region’s housing markets for many years as the regional housing market data and analysis resource and continues in that role. I have been our firms “Data Guru” for over ten years and have collaborated with Ginger and Tucson’s data in our Magic Pro software application on a continuing basis.

In addition, I will be an active participant in Tucson market activities, SAHBA meetings, and the like.

The transition should be seamless with just some changes in addresses and phone numbers.  Our firm goes by the RLBrownReports handle, and our legal and accounting name is Home Builders Marketing, Inc.  We are a 35-year-old  “C” Corporation.  Your future billing and payment information will be handled by Joann Brown, whose contact info is below also. She will send you a new W-9 by separate email.

Our website is RLBrownReports.com.   Our reports can be subscribed to by calling me. We are on Linked In and regularly post market happenings.  Search as Jim Daniel and RL Brown Reports.

Have a great day and I look forward to meeting you at the SAHBA meeting Tuesday.

Jim Daniel


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