oro-valleyOro Valley, Arizona  – During a Special Session held Friday, Oro Valley Town Council voted to declare and adopt the results of the Oro Valley General Election held on November 8, 2016. On the ballot was the Town’s Your Voice, Our Future General Plan, which appeared as Proposition 439. According to the official canvass that was prepared by the Pima County Elections Department, Your Voice, Our Future received more than 70% of the vote.

“Seventy percent is significant,” said Oro Valley Town Clerk Mike Standish. “This is certainly confirmation of our voters’ overwhelming support of this community-developed general plan.”

Click here to view the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan.

Arizona state law requires all cities and towns in Arizona to have an updated General Plan every 10 years that is approved by voters. A plan must include important topics, including water, land use, growth and circulation.

The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan will help determine decisions made for Oro Valley over the next 10 years. It takes a high level look at the community, and doesn’t set Town budgets or call for new taxes. The Plan includes a range of important topics such as public safety, natural beauty, parks and recreation.

The success of Your Voice, Our Future is due to the hard work of the community. Over the past three years, residents helped create the Plan by:

  • Imagining Oro Valley’s future.
  • Sharing ideas on how to achieve that future.
  • Joining Your Voice committees to help build the Plan.
  • Providing feedback to ensure it reflects community values.