Via Linda Crossroads new elevation (002)Construction is scheduled to start next week on a major renovation project for the shopping center known as Via Linda Crossroads located at 9015 E. Via Linda on the southeast corner of 90th Street & Via Linda in Scottsdale. The space previously occupied by Ace Hardware will be divided into 2 or 3 smaller suites and storefront is being added in that suite facing 90th Street. These suites will also offer an elevated mezzanine level and very high ceilings. The renovation will include a modernized “lifestyle” fascia intended to make recognition of each individual tenant easier. The design will utilize several different types of stone surfaces, a rich desert color palette, awnings, more visible signage locations and enhanced landscaping.

Project Manager & Designer Mark Rein, Rein & Grossoehme

Architect Dennis Rogers, Dennis L. Rogers Architects (DLRA)

General Contractor Bill Woods, Woods Contracting

Leasing Jake Ertle, Rein & Grossoehme