Be Heard – COT GPLET Expanding Incentives Planning Session


tucsonskyThe public is invited to give input to the Office of Economic initiatives and Planning and Development Services recommendations, tasked to identify additional financial and regulatory incentives to further the success by expanding incentives such as GPLET has yielded in the downtown area. The Tucson Mayor and Council Study Session will be Tuesday, March 22 at 1:00 pm City Hall, 255 W. Alameda to voice opinions on City Manager’s Office recommendations.

  1. Expand the Government Property Lease Excise Tax abatement area from 1.5% land area to 2.5%

This would allow the southeast boundary to align with the Infill Incentive District (IID)

The GPLET boundaries include: Southeast – The Bridges, Northern – Along the commercial cooridors that extend to Prince Road, and Eastern – Along the commercial corridors that extend to Campbell Avenue.

  1. Amend the Unified Development Code (UDC);
  2. Establish Plan Tucson Special Exception Option;
  3. Expand the use of the Planned Area Development (PAD) rezoning tool;
  4. Establish an administrative tool for MS&R setback relief.
  5. Plan Tucson Special Exception Option:
  • Allows for an additional land use exception, when the request is in compliance with Plan Tucson and associated underlying neighborhood or area plan.
  • Applies to projects that are in alignment with Plan Tucson Building Blocks
  • In commercial and industrial zones, this allows for permitted uses, such as alley access and use, parking, loading, landscaping, waste collection and setbacks to utilize waivers allowable under the special exception process
  • Adds a level of review for variations in use and height as long as in conformance with Plan Tucson Building Block and area or neighborhood plan.

Expanding Use of and Streamlining the PAD

  • Lifts the 40-acre minimum size requirement to allow a project of any size to use the PAD
  • Staff will explore ways to streamline submittal requirements and establish an appropriate fee schedule for projects utilizing this tool.

MS&R Setback Zone

  • Introduces an administrative approvalprocess for minor MS&R adjustments, subject to the approval by the PDSD and Transportation Directors
  • Provides an administrative process allowing improvements to occur in privately and publicly owned MS&R right of way areas.
  • Allows flexibility using right of way areas where there is findings that the subject right of way will not be used for road expansion or similar uses in the future and no negative impact is created for surrounding properties.

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Be Heard Project Information Sheet

City of Tucson Future Growth Scenario Map

Be Heard is a conduit of information by Metro Pima Alliance for the purpose of creating more public engagement from the business community. Information created by Be Heard is solely based on jurisdictional, public information as included in staff reports. Supplemental information may be submitted by applicant, but all applicant content is the responsibility of the applicant and does not indicate Be Heard support for or against the specific project.

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Gplet Expansion Map
City of Tucson Future Growth Scenario Map